More Great Reviews for RIFT at JMWW and Goodreads!

RIFT FINALHey, the snow has finally melted here in Colorado and there’s some good news to share! Co-author Robert Vaughan and I were thrilled by this lovely review of RIFT by Amelia White at the JMWW blog:

“There were moments of peace and violence, of connection and loneliness, of levity and weight. Ultimately, the beauty of Rift lies both its scope and its detail. Even on the second read through, every story held its own surprises, some small, some large, all profoundly human.”

You can read the whole review HERE.

Also, some great new reviews on Goodreads by amazing writers Nancy Stohlman, Mark Kerstetter, Jen Knox, and Christopher DeWan. (Reminder: you can purchase a signed–by me–copy of Rift right here on THIS PAGE of my website.)

Also, my NEW Flash Creative Non-Fiction workshop with Word Tango is now open for registration. It will run online from May 20-22nd. These are a lot of fun and fill up quickly! More info HERE.

And stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Writing Workshop in Taos that Robert and I are teaching in August. That is also filling quickly! It’s going to be a very busy summer…

My AWP Schedule! Hope to see you!

Books & BoozeI’m excited that AWP is in L.A. this year! Yay, for warmer weather than we typically have to deal with at the annual AWP conference! I really hope to see as many friends as possible this year, but it’s a huge conference and I’ve come to expect that I won’t get to see everyone I want to. Here’s (roughly) where I can be found:

Thursday, March 31st

I’ll be arriving with my daughter and checking into the J.W. Marriott and the conference. No specific plans until the afternoon, when co-author Robert Vaughan and I will meet with Brad Listi to do the Other People Podcast. Thursday night may involve dinner & drinks with friends.

Friday, April 1st

Book Fair

10:00 – 11:00 I’ll be signing books at the Matter Press / Journal of Compressed Creative Arts table (831)

11:00 – 12:00 I’ll be signing copies of RIFT at the Cossack Review Table (1236)

(“free” time…I may be working the Unknown Press table (1442) for awhile, selling Rift and other Unknown Press titles)

Off-Site Readings

4:30 – 5:30 The North/South Short Shorts Reading (Passages North & New South) Pyo Gallery, 1100 South Hope Street, Suite 105, L.A. 90015 (featuring Zach Doss, Megan Giddings, Michael Martone, Kelly Magee, and myself)

5:00 – ??? Hot Pillow Reading hosted by Joani Reese, Ginosi Figaro Apartel, 1361 South Flower Street, L.A. 90015


6:30 – 8:00 Literary Colorado Reception, Diamond Salon 8&9, JW Marriott LA, 3rd Floor

(Join the literary communities of Arapahoe Community College, Colorado College, Colorado Review, Colorado State University, Conundrum Press, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Lithic Press, Mile-High MFA, University of Colorado, Western State Colorado University for refreshments and a chance to socialize and network.)

Later Friday evening, may be attending a BBQ/Reading, but I anticipate collapsing early that night. We’ll see. I may get a second wind!

Saturday, April 2nd

May be spending some time at the Unknown Press table in the morning before the book fair closes up?

“Free” time.


7:30 – ??? Books & Booze, hosted by Alternating Current Press, Los Angeles Center of Photography, 1515 Wilcox Avenue, L.A. 90028

Join us for Alternating Current’s #AWP16 Offsite Reading Event at LACP! $3 LIQUOR, WINE, & BEER. Free snacks. No cover charge (Donations always welcome.). Readers include: Sunil Yapa, Matt Bell, Eric Shonkwiler, Will Chancellor, Kathy Fish, Ben Tanzer, Ryan Ridge, Andrew F. Sullivan, Ashley Farmer, Carmen Lau, A. Jay Adler, and Tabitha Blankenbiller. Mayhem will ensue. Fun will be had. Booze will be consumed.

“surprisingly bizarre & unexpectedly touching collection of short/flash stories that deliver healthy doses of heartbreak, memories, weirdness, and violence”

RIFT FINALRIFT received three new glowing reviews this past week! Co-author Robert Vaughan and I could not be more grateful for the surge in attention the book is getting lately. Thank you to everyone who has bought the book, read it, reviewed it, mentioned it, promoted it, etc.!

Gabino Iglesias, in his review at Dead End Follies, says:

“Rift is constructed so that each writer has an equal amount of space and they trade stories so that, instead of half and half, readers get four sections in which they alternate narratives. This works really well because it allows for the stories to flow nicely and for each voice to feel fresh every time it comes around. Fish is up first, and her work throughout the book is outstanding. Her knack for surprising the reader and writing about relationship as it were a new theme is enough to make this book one that all fans of short fiction should check out. There are many standouts from Fish, including Vocabulary, which puts an entire new relationship and its possibilities inside a paragraph, Grip, which pushes the boundaries of how much sadness and reminiscing can be crammed into a very short tale, and The Blue of Milk, which is at once gritty and incredibly haunting but also poetic and beautiful in the way only unexpected encounters can be. That being said, this is a review and one piece needs to be held above all other and given the space/spotlight of a quote, and that story is There is No Albuquerque, a narrative that packs the heart-wrenching biography of a pale-eyed woman born with a hole on her neck and three horns. This one is what happens when literary fiction, bizarro, and magic realism collide:

When I was little, my mother used to stand me before the mirror every morning and make me say: I am beautiful. After she died, I keep doing it for a while until Buddy told me to stop. After he married the Tattooed Lady, they soon lost interest in me, and I was sent to a foster home. My foster parents thought I was retarded. They told everyone who would listen that they saved me from a dumpster. I ran away when I was sixteen.

You can read the entire review HERE.

Gay Degani, in her lovely review at Heavy Feather Review, says of Rift:

“Imagine a coffee shop, something independent, unique, not part of a chain, where the air is filled with a rich, dark aroma, where the tinkle of music is subtle, underlining real conversations about real things. Now imagine a solid wooden table, highly polished by hand, scarred by time, yet warm with love. Stitting across from you are two writers you admire, not just for the skilled pieces of written art they create at their computers, but also for their humanity, their generosity, their views on the human condition. Who would those two writers be? How about Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan? What if they were taking turns, telling you stories? What would that be like?”

You can read the rest of her review HERE.

At The Tavern Lantern, the blog for the lit journal Literary Orphans, Ray Nessly wrote another wonderful review. In it, he says:

“Simply put, Rift is a collection of stellar examples of an infinitely variable art form, by two writers at the top of their game.”

You may read the entire review HERE.

Many thanks to Gabino Iglesias, Gay Degani, and Ray Nessly!

*cover photography courtesy of Casey McSpadden

RIFT is coming to Kindle soon! And lots of other news…

RIFT 4th July*Happy to announce that RIFT (Unknown Press), co-authored with Robert Vaughan, will be available on Kindle soon. Will keep you posted!

There’s been a flurry of press for RIFT recently, in the form of reviews (Change Seven Magazine and Goodreads), two interviews (Midwestern Gothic and Bartleby Snopes) and research notes at Necessary Fiction. If you’re interested, please follow the links below:

Interview with Rachel Hurwitz at Midwestern Gothic

Research Notes for RIFT by Kathy Fish & Robert Vaughan at Necessary Fiction

Interview with Leonora Desar at Bartleby Snopes

Review of RIFT by Anne Weisgerber at Change Seven Magazine

Goodreads review of RIFT by Al Kratz

Goodreads review of RIFT by Steve Karas, author of Kinda Sorta American Dream

Goodreads review of RIFT by Meg Tuite, author of Bound by Blue & Lined Up Like Scars

I will be conducting another weekend workshop through Word Tango in May. This time, we will focus on writing flash creative nonfiction. Go here for more info and to get on the mailing list!

Tomorrow I begin my SIXTH Fast Flash© Workshop! Very excited to work with a new group of amazing writers!

*cover photography courtesy of Casey McSpadden

Recent Fabulous Books…

FullSizeRender (9)New books bounty! Some I’ve read, some I have not yet. I hope to do more book reviewing in 2016. January’s so busy, but soon…

They are:

Not Yet Dark by Berit Ellingsen (Two Dollar Radio, 2015)

Rattle of Want by Gay Degani (Pure Slush, 2015)

Moon Up, Past Full by Eric Shonkwiler (Alternating Current Press, 2015)

The Farmacist by Ashley Farmer (Jellyfish Highway Press, 2015)

Excavation by Wendy C. Ortiz (Future Tense Books, 2014)

Grace Notes by Meg Tuite, David Tomaloff, and Keith Higginbotham (Unknown Press, 2015)

Kinda Sorta American Dream by Steve Karas (Tailwinds Press, 2015)

I am Barbarella by Beth Gilstrap (Twelve Winters Press, 2015)

New stories, nominations, a podcast, and more…

I have so much to be thankful for as 2015 draws to a close. The short short collection, RIFT, co-authored with the great Robert Vaughan, is set to officially launch from Unknown Press on December 1st. Huge thanks to Bud Smith and Unknown Press! When Robert was in Denver for the F-Bomb reading, the talented and energetic Levi Andrew Noe interviewed us both for “Rocky Mountain Revival: Audio Art Journal” and you can listen to the interview and Robert and me reading some of our stories. It was great fun to do and thanks so much to Levi for being such a generous host!

My story, “Grip,” was nominated for Pushcart by R.K.V.R.Y. and you can read it here. Many thanks to everyone at R.K.V.R.Y., particularly editor Mary Akers. “Grip” is included in RIFT.

On the heels of that news, Scott Garson, editor of Wigleaf wrote to tell me he’d nominated my Wigleaf Postcard for inclusion in Best Small Fictions, 2016. And you may find that by going to Wigleaf and scrolling down a ways. It was published in April.

Both “Grip” and my Wigleaf postcard are works that mean a great deal to me personally, so I’m especially grateful for this recognition.

My story, “Giant” is up now in the Fall 2015 Issue of New World Writing, edited by Kim Chinquee, who is now also the Senior Editor there. Much gratitude, always, to Kim. The issue includes work from Bobbie Ann Mason, Claudia Smith, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, Robert Lopez, T.L. Sherwood, Tiff Holland, Pamela Painter, and more!

Also! I’m pleased to have two new stories forthcoming soon in New South and Alice Blue. (This week I believe.) This will actually be the final issue of Alice Blue, a great lit journal that’s been publishing for ten years. Sad to see them go. Edit: My story, “Sea Creatures of Indiana,” is up now and the issue is jam-packed with goodness. Go read the whole issue, because it’s stellar.

We have a page for RIFT now up at Goodreads and already have a review posted by David Atkinson, who read with Robert and me at F-Bomb. Many thanks to David!

Finally, the F-Bomb reading, hosted by the amazing Meg Tuite, was a huge success and great fun. Nancy Stohlman has created this great series of readings aimed entirely at furthering flash fiction, with monthly guest hosts and guests. November’s reading included Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Kona Morris, Leah Rogin-Roper, Katharyn Grant, David Atkinson, Levi Andrew Noe, and more!

I will be hosting the next event on January 19th, featuring terrific writers and friends Sally Reno and Gay Degani. More details here!

Opening story of RIFT online now at beautiful Threadcount…

I sit under the elm tree in our front yard with a jar of moths in my lap. I have forgotten to punch holes in the lid like my father told me to and now the moths are dead. I want to float away, but the sky feels like a giant’s hand, pushing me down. I open the jar and eat the moths. One by one.

I’m very happy that my story, “A Room With Many Small Beds” is featured in Issue 5 of Threadcount. It is the first story of my upcoming collection, from Unknown Press, RIFT, co-authored with the great Robert Vaughan. From their “about” page:

Threadcount is a biannual online literary journal dedicated to hybrid forms, work that challenges genre boundaries and resists classifiable form, that experiments with texture and convention, that (like fabric) packs a lot in a limited space.

“I like the box on the page, the box made out of ink and alphabet, the way it sits there and contains what’s inside it. What’s inside it, though, doesn’t have to be so neat and tidy and can be a thing that is hard to say exactly what it is.”

– Peter Markus, author of We Make Mud

The Fall issue includes hybrid work from: Morris Collins, Jennifer A. Howard, Stevie Edwards, Natasha Naayem, Ben Loory, Sarah Tourjee, JoAnna Novak, Brad Modlin, and Stephanie Young. You can read the whole issue HERE and my story, “A Room With Many Small Beds” HERE.

You may read more about RIFT here at our page at Unknown Press

Advance Praise for RIFT

RIFT COVER RIFT is getting awesome praise from our very generous early readers, writing mentors, and literary heroes. Many thanks to: Lidia Yuknavitch, xtx, Daniel Handler, Michael Martone, Ron Carlson, Megan Mayhew Bergman, Jensen Beach, Robert Lopez, Michael Seidlinger, Ryan Ridge, and Luke Goebel!

Read what they have to say about RIFT here on our page at Unknown Press

Cover photography by Casey McSpadden

RIFT – Coming December 1st!


Thrilled by our beautiful cover! Many thanks to Bud Smith at Unknown Press, and to cover photographer, Casey McSpadden at Cross River Photography

For more information about RIFT, co-authored with the great Robert Vaughan, see our page at Unknown Press

My upcoming collection, “Rift,” with Robert Vaughan!

Things are moving quickly with the upcoming co-authored short fiction collection with Bud Smith’s Unknown Press. Robert Vaughan and I are busy exchanging edits and deciding the layout and order of our stories. We have found an amazing photographer for the cover art (which I’ll reveal soon!), and we are actively seeking blurbs. And once again, I’m knocked out by the generosity of my fellow writers and literary heroes who are providing blurbs for us on very short notice! These are exciting times and I’m both thrilled and grateful. Look here for updates on the book’s progress, but we are hoping for a December launch!

fish tankJust last weekend I finished up with another two-week Fast Flash© Workshop AND a weekend flash fiction workshop with Word Tango. Both, I believe, were a success! The two-week group were extremely talented and hard-working and just all-around great. I’m happy to hear they have formed their own workshop now and they’re calling it:  “The Fish Tank!”

Word Tango , the brainchild of Jennifer Kircher Carr & Elizabeth Pettie, is a fabulous new resource for writers. They  will be offering critiques, networking opportunities, and weekend workshops, so check out their services. I’m very honored that they entrusted their first workshop to me! And what a wonderful group that was too!

And this made me very happy:

Twenty Female Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading RIGHT NOW in Entropy Magazine. The list includes: xtx, Amber Sparks, Roxane Gay, Paula Bomer, Alissa Nutting, Jen Conley, Heather Foster, H.L. Nelson, Steph Post, Amanda Gowin, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Christy Crutchfield, Berit Ellingsen, Letitia Trent, Mary Miller, Jac Jemc, Audrey Hirsch, Leesa Cross-Smith, Andrea Kneeland, and, incredibly, me. Many thanks to Entropy Magazine and Kevin Catalano!

That’s it. I have another Fast Flash© Workshop starting later this month. I am enjoying these so much! October is going to be VERY BUSY!