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New Story at The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts – “Abandon All Thoughts”

One morning in January, when all was lost, a man rolled himself up inside the braided rug of the foyer of his home. It felt good there. It reminded him of how the nurses taught him and his wife to swaddle their babies, for comfort. Tight, tight. Babies are frightened of their own bodies. Un-used to the freedom of movement. It’s like a new womb…

You can read the whole story HERE . Many thanks to editor, Randall Brown!

A Thousand Perfect Strangers

It’s here and it’s beautiful. Smokelong Quarterly’s brand new website. I really love it. It’s suitably minimalist without being stark. The artwork accompanying the stories, which has always been great, is amazing. Kudos to Tara Laskowski and all the Smokelong staff. Issue 47 is dedicated to Roxane Gay, for making it possible for Smokelong to pay the contributors of this issue. Anyway, go and check it out! There’s great flash fiction along with author interviews and Tara has written lovely editor’s comments.

As part of the Smokelong campaign to raise funds, one of the perks offered was that a donor would get to be in a story written by me. That lucky donor was longtime friend and master flash writer, Randall Brown. I really struggled with this “assignment!” I wanted Randall to like whatever I wrote for him. He assures me he likes it very much. This is my first science fiction story ever. It was fun to write. You can read it here: A Thousand Perfect Strangers. Randall also interviewed me and you can find that on the site as well. Hope you enjoy!

FullSizeRender (4)In other news, I was asked to take part in the beautiful series my friend Myfanwy Collins curated at the Pank blog, called “Pieces of Me.” The idea was that each writer would post an old photograph and write something based on it and Myf left that wide open. The stories are so strong and gorgeous. My piece is dedicated to my brother, Tom, who recently passed away and you can find it here “For Tom”. That’s him, in the photo, holding me on his lap. Tom was my hero and protector growing up in that houseful of boys. There was no one like him and I will miss him very much.

Also, I have two new flashes and a postcard upcoming in one of my all-time favorite flash fiction zines, Wigleaf, edited by Scott Garson. I’ll let you know when that’s available to read!

Smokelong Quarterly's Best of the First Ten Years Anthology available now

SLQI have always felt very proud and honored for my time as fiction editor of Smokelong Quarterly. This journal gets better every year and remains one of the most respected venues for flash fiction around. Edited by the brilliant Tara Laskowski, “The Best of the First Ten Years: 2003-2013” anthology is now available from Matter Press. Here is the description:

SmokeLong Quarterly, one of the oldest and prominent online publishers of flash fiction, has collected the “best of the first ten years” in this anthology of 56 pieces, each one a smoke-long. Also, after each piece, the editor/guest editor who chose that particular story for the anthology explains why s/he chose it, including past editors Kelly Spitzer & Kathy Fish, Founding Editor and Publisher Dave Clapper, Senior Editors Tara Laskowski & Nancy Stebbins, and staff editors Gay Degani, Josh Denslow, Ashley Inguanta, Beth Thomas, and Brandon Wicks.

Get it!

Flashing Lights: A Flash Fiction Event hosted by Steve Almond

I’ve always, always, always wanted to see Vermont in the Fall, so I’m hugely excited to be a part in the Brattleboro Literary Festival this weekend with Sarah Rose Etter, Randall Brown, Steve Almond and Jacob White. Here’s more info in case you find yourself in Brattleboro this weekend:

Flashing Lights

Into and Out of the Wild–My final post at Necessary Fiction

Necessary Fiction.