Marie Gethins interviews me at The Short Story (UK)

Brad Listi interviews Robert Vaughan and me on The Other People Pocast, Episode 411

Interview of Robert Vaughan and me by Karen Stefano at Connotation Press

Interview with Steph Post, on her blog

A Rift in the Clouds: An Interview with Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, Huffington Post

Rocky Mountain Revival: Audio Art Show, Interview with Levi Andrew Noe + readings from RIFT

Kathy Fish & Joan Wilking Talk About Writing, R.K.V.R.Y.

Meg Tuite’s Crazy Rabbit Review Video Interview

Take Five with Kathy Fish, with Camille Griep, Easy Street Magazine

Interview with Christopher Allen on his blog, I Must Be Off

Interview with Randall Lahrman at Litconic

Interview with Meg Tuite at Connotation Press

Interview with Maranda Stewart at

Kathy Fish Talks About Writing and Together We Can Bury It with Gay Degani at Flash Fiction Chronicles

Interview with Katrina Denza on her blog

Interview with J. A. Tyler at Monkeybicycle

Monday Chat with Kathy Fish and Susan Tepper at Fictionaut Blog

Five Questions with Kathy Fish, Sophie Rosenblum, Nanofiction

Smoking with Our Retired Fiction Editor: A Talk with Kathy Fish, Randall Brown, Smokelong Quarterly

Recommended Reading, Kathy Fish, Ravi Mangla’s blog

5 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Hello —
    I’m co-founding editor of a literary journal that features videos of writers reading their own work. We’re fans of your writing and would love for you to be featured on our website — the work can be previously published, etc.. If you’re interested, please check out the journal ( and shoot us an email for more details.
    Thanks! Best of luck launching the new book at AWP!
    Be well,
    Austin Eichelberger

  2. Hello Austin! Thanks for checking out my website and for the kind solicitation. I will have a look at your journal though I’m kind of camera shy! Thanks, too, for the kind wishes re: my book.


  3. Hello!
    Thanks for your quick response! I look forward to your reactions.
    Also please know that the video doesn’t have to show you reading your work, we just need to be able to hear you reading it — in fact, a few of our favorites have been more like music videos for the work, adding a fresh visual layer to the writing. You are more than welcome to use the video aspect of the submission in any way you see fit.
    Be well,

  4. Hello!
    This is Austin Eichelberger from SPACES again, just checking to see if (now that the academic and conference seasons have settled a bit) you’d be interested in contributing to SPACES. If not, that’s absolutely fine, but if so, we’d love to have you. Here’s a link to our latest issue:
    Let me know what you think! And thank you in advance for your time.
    Be well,

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