Links to quite a number of my published stories can be found on Fictionaut

My short stories, flash, and prose poems have appeared in Indiana Review, The Denver Quarterly, New South, Quick Fiction, Slice, Sleepingfish, Spork, Night Train, Pank, and Keyhole Magazine among various other journals and anthologies.

Stories Published in 2017:

Stop Dragging: A One-Act Play in Hobart

Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild in Jellyfish Review

The Once Mighty Fergusons in New World Writing

What’s Wrong? in Wigleaf

The Show – Spartan Lit

Terminals in Lost Balloon (nominated for Best of The Net)

“Sway” in (F)riction Magazine

Stories Published in 2016:

Strong Tongue – Cheap Pop This story was chosen by Amy Hempel for Best Small Fictions, 2017.

At Ethel & Harry’s On The Last Day of 1959 – People Holding

Possum – FRiGG

I Have Not Pushed Back My Cuticles with an Orange Stick Since the Nixon Administration – Monkeybicycle

Imagine Your Daughter Is a Cherry Red Convertible – New World Writing

There is No Albuquerque – Newfound Journal

Dusseldorf in Yemassee Journal

Three Likely Stories in Forge Literary Magazine

“Unison” in Fall, 2016 issue of Elm Leaves Journal.


Stories Published in 2015:

A Room With Many Small Beds, Threadcount, Fall, Issue 5, chosen by Stuart Dybek for inclusion in Best Small Fictions, 2016 (Queen’s Ferry Press, Tara Masih, ed.)

Collection Day, New South

Sea Creatures of Indiana Alice Blue Review, Issue 27

Giant, New World Writing, Fall 2015

Abandon All Thoughts Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, August, 2015

Endangered / Out of Place / A Botched Affair Heavy Feather Review 4.2 (print)

Woe, The Harpoon Review, July, 2015

Grip RKVRY, Summer Issue, Vol. XII, No. 3

The Four O’Clock Bird, People Holding

“The Hollow” reprinted in the anthology Choose Wisely: 35 Women up to No Good, Upper Rubber Boot Books, March 2015

River, The Vignette Review, Summer, Issue 1, Vol. 1

We Learned to Pronounce Prokofiev, Change Seven Magazine, Issue 1.2, Summer 2015

Vocabulary Gone Lawn, Issue 18, Spring 2015

Bear Gone Lawn, Issue 18, Spring 2015

Pulse, FRiGG, Issue 45, Spring 2015

There’s No Time for Prairie Dog Town, FRiGG, Issue 45, Spring 2015

The Children Called Him Yuck-Yuck, FRiGG, Issue 45, Spring 2015

Enigma Wigleaf, April, 2015

Game Show Wigleaf, April, 2015

Postcard Wigleaf, April, 2015

A Thousand Perfect Strangers, Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 47, April, 2015

For Tom / Pictures of You / Pank Magazine blog With thanks to the wonderful Myfanwy Collins.

“Unison” Elm Leaves Journal, Harvest Issue (print)

Ripe / Juniors / Tool Corium Magazine, Winter/Spring Issue

Love Train / Like Copernicus / Interrogative / Spill / Buffer Connotation Press

Stories Published in 2014:

Everything’s Shitty at Price King Elm Leaves Journal, Fall 2014.

The Wide and Lonely World, The Economy, Issue 15

Why I Write Flash Fiction, Flash Fiction Chronicles, June, 2014

Strings, Flash Issue, New World Writing

Go Dog March, 2014, Sundog Lit

Stories Published in 2013:

The Blue of Milk, Blue Fifth Review, The Blue Collection 4: Collaboration, Dec. 31, 2013

Come Loose and Fly Away SalonZine, August 2013, edited by Sara Lippmann & Nita Noveno

Straw Whiskey Paper, May, 2013

As Outside the Clouds Made Fists Metazen, Feb. 1, 2013

Neal Figgens & A Pirate or a Cowboy Connotation Press, January 2013

Stories Published Prior to 2013:

Watermelon, Originally published in Quick Fiction 14, reprinted at North Shore Art Throb as Best of Quick Fiction and at Fictionaut.

Space Man Fictionaut, originally published in Keyhole Digest.

The Hollow. Originally published in The Denver Quarterly, reprinted in Lascaux Review and Fictionaut.

Foreign Film. Originally published in Cranky, reprinted at Fictionaut.

Disassembly Guernica, Dec. 15,2010.

Rodney and Chelsea Mississippi Review online (now New World Writing)

Shoebox. Originally published in Wild Strawberries, reprinted at Fictionaut.

Lip. Originally published in Pank, reprinted at Fictionaut.

What Kind of Person Gives Secrets to The Sky?. Originally published in Night Train, reprinted at Fictionaut.

Snow. Originally published in New South, reprinted at Fictionaut.

Orlando Storyglossia, Issue 27 March 2008, showcased at Longform Fiction

Petunias. Originally published in Sleepingfish, reprinted at Fictionaut and & in A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction, Matter Press, 2013, by Randall Brown.

The Cartoonist, originally published in elimae

The Next Stanley Kubrick Monkeybicycle.

Margaret and Beak Discuss Jazz for The Last Time Hobart, November 2005

A Short Story Writer’s Primer (essay) The Quivering Pen (David Abrams’ blog)

Two Stories: The Bed and Behemoth Matter Press

The State of Flash: There is Only One Rule Nanofiction

Origins: “Space Man” JMWW blog

Spotting a Bear Necessary Fiction

Blooms Originally published in Indiana Review, reprinted in FRiGG, Fall 2010.

Baby Baby: Eight Micros FRiGG, Spring 2009

Talking About Ernie Banks FRiGG, Summer 2004

The Lane Girls FRiGG, Summer 2004

Maidenhead to Oxford FRiGG, Summer 2004

Wren FRiGG, Summer 2004

Wild Yellow Dog, Giant Red Fox FRiGG, Winter 2007

Coffee, Laundry, Dry Cleaners: A Conversation with a Child FRiGG, Winter 2007

A Monkey’s Wedding FRiGG, Winter 2007

Bread FRiGG, Winter 2007

All the Good People Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 4

Daffodil Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 13

Florida Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 15

One Purple Finch Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 17

Repair Man Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 21

Tenderoni Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 22

Prague Smokelong Quarterly, Issue 26

Swicks Rule! Wigleaf, 2009

Peacock Wigleaf, 2008

Backbone Per Contra, Spring 2008

Hypergraphia Per Contra, Fall 2006

Cancer Arm Per Contra, Fall 2008

Moro Fictionut, Originally published in Night Train

Another Story About Me and Some Guy Fictionut, Originally published in Night Train

Wake Up Fictionaut, Originally published in Juked

Authentic Smorgasbord Dinner Fictionaut, Originally published in Juked

Cure Necessary Fiction, April 2009

Skinny Lullaby at The Lizard Lounge: Schenectady Necessary Fiction, June 2010

Movement Everyday Genius, November 2009

Lulu elimae

He Once Had a Dog Named Dick Nixon and Other Stories Spork

Empty Fictionaut, Originally published in Keyhole

There’s a Hole in Your Shoe, Mr. Stevenson Fictionaut, Originally published in Dark Sky Magazine

Sidereal Blue Fifth Review, January 2011

Still They Hear What They Want to Hear Corium Magazine

As I Sit Disappearing in a White Paper Gown Corium Magazine

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  1. You are amazing! 🙂

    I’m Fiction Editor of Black Heart Magazine and a fiction writer studying at Queens University of Charlotte. My Editor-in-Chief, Laura Roberts (author of The Vixen Files and Naked in Montreal), and I are putting together a “Damned Dames” anthology. We have xTx, Red Tash, and Jessica McHugh on board so far. We would be thrilled if you would (pretty please?) contribute a flash piece or short story. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send you more more information.

    Thank you!

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