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LOGOFast Flash© is a ten-day (two weeks, Monday thru Friday) intensive and generative online flash fiction workshop created and designed by Kathy Fish that focuses on craft with daily exercises and prompts aimed at skill building while allowing for artistry and innovation. Writers participate on their own schedule in a private WordPress site. Fun and fast-paced! Expect to create a lot of new material in a short amount of time in a supportive environment. Many stories from this workshop have gone on to be published already! Course cost: $129.00

PLEASE NOTE: All upcoming classes are now filled. Thanks so much! Let me know if you’d like to be put on the wait list. There are often last minute cancellations!

Mon. Sept. 11 – Fri. Sept. 22 (FILLED)

Tues. Oct. 10 – Sat. Oct. 22 (FILLED)

Mon. Oct. 30 – Fri. Nov. 10 (FILLED)

Mon. Nov. 27 – Fri. Dec. 8 (FILLED)



Recently on Twitter, from Jellyfish Highway: “By the way – it’s amazing how many of our best stories have come from people who’ve taken a @kathyfish workshop. Much love to Kathy Fish!”

“I feel fortunate that I was allowed to take part in Kathy’s beta workshop in Flash Fiction along with the talented writers who participated. She is as imaginative and energetic a teacher as she is a creator of the form. I had no idea going in that she would find this hairline crack inside of me, help me break through it, and tap into surprising, generative creativity and control. In two weeks she provided enduring lessons on craft, structure, revision, publication, and collaborative opportunities in flash. It was a wild ride and I’d do it again. I can’t recommend Kathy Fish’s workshop experience highly enough. She brings craft together with artistry. If you have an opportunity to work with Kathy, grab it with both hands and hold on tight.” —April Bradley


“I recently took a two-week intensive class with Kathy Fish on flash fiction and I found it to be one of the most useful writing classes I’ve had.

Each day, Kathy focused on a topic—characters, imagery, titles, opening sentences, etc. She offered short examples to illustrate how other writers had explored this topic, and then she designed a writing prompt around the topic to help us write our own flash fiction story.

Kathy’s writing prompts were close to perfect: specific enough that they were easy to access, and general enough that we were each able to respond with our own unique voice and artistry. The workshop was relentless: there was never time to doubt or second guess—and as a result, by the end of the workshop, I had eight new short stories.

Her feedback was always supportive and encouraging.

I know already this workshop will have a lasting impact on my writing technique, because it offered me a new set of useful, usable tools I can use to create new work.

If you want to to generate new material quickly—material that will come out of you with surprising ease and clarity—take a workshop with Kathy Fish.” Christopher DeWan


“Don’t let the length fool you. The art of writing flash is particular and requires far more than simply condensing longer pieces or expanding shorter ones. In Kathy Fish’s Flash Fiction workshop, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade. Not only is Kathy one of the best writers of flash I’ve ever read, she is also one of the finest teachers I’ve ever worked with. She is generous, encouraging and inspiring. In this workshop you will generate new material, refine existing work, and maybe once and for all, learn how to create a damn good title! Whether this is your first time experimenting with the flash form or you have been writing for some time, I highly recommend this workshop.” Lisa Mecham


“Studying flash fiction with Kathy Fish is like taking a ballet class from Baryshnikov.” Jayne Martin


“…the two weeks really sparked my brain. I felt more productive during our time than I had in the previous five or six months, and now I have a bunch of little drafts to spend the rest of the summer polishing.” Benjamin Woodard



Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates!

83 thoughts on “Fast Flash© Workshop

  1. Hi Kathy! I see that the August workshop already filled, but I never saw when it was open for registration? How do I make sure I grab a spot in one of the next two you’re offering? Just let me know! Thanks!

    • Denise! Hi! I tried to contact you through your blog via the contact page? I’ve got your name on the list. I see your email address here so putting it my address book and will let you know when I have dates for September! Kathy

  2. Hi Cathy. I signed up for the Sept class and am looking forward to it! Please let me know its timing. You now have my email address. Thanks! –Ken

    • Absolutely, Digby! September looks full at this point, but I will put your name down and let you know if there’s an opening. Otherwise, I will be doing the workshop in October and November as well. Thanks for your interest! Would love to work with you!

    • You didn’t miss the signup, Anne. September looks to be already filled with wait list people! But I’ll let you know right away if a spot opens up. Thanks for your interest!

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  4. Kathy!

    Can I get on your waiting list for an upcoming Fast Flash Workshop? I need a writing kick in the pants and I’d love to learn flash from the Best of the Best!!

    Mary Lynn

  5. Hi, Kathy!

    I took Hannah Tinti’s One Story class with you back in May, and loved your writing. So, what a thrill it was when April Bradley alerted me to your classes (and with rave reviews!). I see September is filled. I’d love to be put on a list for notification for your next session.


  6. Hi Kathy, I’d like to be on the wait list for October, too. I’ll be travelling Oct.1 to 8 but would love to have a chance to participate in one of your classes.

  7. Hi Kathy – I’d love to be in your October workshop. Or if that’s full, your November one. Please let me know if I’m in either. I’ve heard such good things about it!

    • Hi Wendy! The list for October looks pretty full, but there’s usually someone or two who have to postpone. I’ll put you on the list for October and let you know. Otherwise you’re definitely on for November! Thanks for your interest!

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  9. Hi can I please get on the W/L for November. Just read about your course on Twitter. Thanks. If no spot comes available, I’ll wait for the next course tho I gather that may not be for awhile. : (

    • Hi! I’m still waiting to hear from all the writers on the November wait list. If a spot becomes available, I will let you know, but I need your email address. Yes, probably after November, my next workshop won’t be until February. So yes please give me your email address so that I can keep in touch with you. Thanks for your interest!

  10. My writer friend Robyn spoke so highly of your workshop! I’m hoping you’ll do another in January, and also hoping I’m checking in early enough to get a slot.
    Very Best,

    • Hi Ellen! I will probably do another in February. November is all filled up at this point, but you are on my list. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much for your interest!

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  13. Hi Kathy!

    I was hoping to make it into your October class, but I see it’s already full. Is there a way I can be alerted to the November class and/or put on a wait list? I’m so excited to take one of your classes!


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  16. Hi Kathy! I’ve been wanting to take your class for a while but always miss the opportunity. Could I be added to the wait list for November?

    Thank you!

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    • Hi Rachel! Just seeing this now. I have you on the wait list for December (but so far no cancellations and a couple others in line before you) and I will definitely let you know about forthcoming workshops in 2017. Look forward to working with you. Thanks for your interest!

  18. Hi Kathy. A Happy New Year to you from sunny (yes, you read that correctly!) Scotland. Could you put me on the waiting list for the next FastFlash course? April, I think? Many thanks.

    • Absolutely, Mark! I’d love to work with you again. Happy New Year to you in sunny! Scotland! (someday I will get there). Cheers, Kathy

  19. Hi Kathy, would love to be kept posted about Flash memoir if it becomes available, or flash fiction. Thanks!

    • I don’t teach flash memoir specifically, but I will keep you posted on future flash workshops. Thanks for your interest!

  20. Hi Kathy –
    Would love to sign up for one of your flash workshops…all my friends seem to be taking them and posting about them but I’m not sure when they open for registration. Saw that all your spring classes are full (though if any spots open up I’d love to grab one :-). Do you have a newsletter or some way to be alerted when the next one opens up for registration?

    • Hi Julie! Yes, all the classes are filled for April, May, and June. I’ll be teaching more in the Fall. I will put your name on the email list and you’ll be among those who are notified before I advertise to the general public (meaning, I post about it on Twitter). And I’ll let you know if a spot opens up in the meantime! Thanks so much for your interest! I’d love to work with you. : )

  21. Hi Kathy,

    I am interested in participating in one of your workshops, but I can’t see seem to find dates. Would you put me down as being interested? Thank you.

  22. Hi Kathy,

    I’d love to participate in one of your workshops but see the fall ones have already all filled up. Would you be able to please put me on a waitlist (though I suspect there might be quite a few names in front of me) or a list of people interested in the next set of workshops you’ll be running?

    Thanks so much.

    All best,

    • Hi Nina, I will gladly put you on the mailing list for information about upcoming workshops. I’ll probably be running workshops in March, April, and May. Will keep you in the loop! And thanks so much for your interest!

  23. Kathy, will you add me to the wait list for all of these upcoming workshops:

    Tues. Oct. 10 – Sat. Oct. 22 (FILLED)
    Mon. Oct. 30 – Fri. Nov. 10 (FILLED)
    Mon. Nov. 27 – Fri. Dec. 8 (FILLED)

    I hope I can get into at least one. Or maybe all! I want to write new material as well as comment on others’ work, and perhaps meet some writers I didn’t know before!

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