Available for pre-order: "The Lineup: 25 Provocative Women Writers"

Provocative cover photography by Jennifer Moore.
Provocative cover photography by Jennifer Moore.

So honored to be a part of this anthology, edited by the estimable Richard Thomas and published by Black Lawrence Press. Foreword by Alissa Nutting. The book launches in March, 2015, but is available for pre-order now from BLP here!

“There are women writing short stories today that take chances, risks—you might even call their work provocative. The Lineup is a collection of twenty-five of the most compelling, powerful, and honest stories that have been published in the last five years. Written by some of the most talented contemporary voices in literature today, this collection contains award-winning, anthologized, and recognized authors that are emerging as the voices of our time. These women are not afraid to tackle any subject, to write from any perspective, or to lay any secret bare. If the stories in this collection don’t make you laugh, enlighten you, and break your heart, then you should check your pulse, because you’re probably not alive.

Stories by: Paula Bomer, Karen Brown, Shannon Cain, Kim Chinquee, Monica Drake, Kathy Fish, Gina Frangello, Amina Gautier, Roxane Gay, Amelia Gray, Tina May Hall, Jessica Hollander, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Holly Goddard Jones, Stacey Levine, Nina McConigley, ŸMary Miller, ŸJanet Mitchell, ŸEthel Rohan, ŸLaura van den Berg, ŸxTx, ŸClaire Vaye Watkins.”

8 thoughts on “Available for pre-order: "The Lineup: 25 Provocative Women Writers"

  1. Kathy, do you have any idea when this book will be released? I realized today I haven’t received it and remembered it was to be released in October. I checked BLP but I don’t see it listed. Any info appreciated!

    1. Hi Charlotte, first of all, thank you so much for pre-ordering the anthology! And second, I really have no idea what’s going on with the book. There has been some controversy and now some of the writers have pulled out of the project. You might contact BLP yourself as I’m completely in the dark at this point as to the status of the book. Sorry I can’t be of more help here…

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