Rereading Carson McCullers…


“This was her, Mick Kelly, walking in the daytime and by herself at night. In the hot sun and in the dark with all the plans and feelings. This music was her—the real plain her…This music did not take a long time or a short time. It did not have anything to do with time going by at all. She sat with her arms around her legs, biting her salty knee very hard. The whole world was this symphony, and there was not enough of her to listen… Now that it was over there was only her heart beating like a rabbit and this terrible hurt.”

― Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

6 thoughts on “Rereading Carson McCullers…

  1. Just finished reading your story, “Wake Up.” So quirky and funny. I loved it. You have to tell me what the impetus was that set you off on that one. I just kept thinking, “How does she come up with this stuff?” And “Heart” is now on my Nook.

    1. Hi Jayne! I’ve been sitting here trying to remember where I got the idea for that story. All I can remember is that someone in a group of writers/friends I was in gave us a handful of words to incorporate and now I can’t remember which words came from the exercise. I’m so glad you liked the story! Thanks for the kind words, Jayne.

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