“Stop Dragging: A One-Act Play” up at Hobart

“Stop Dragging: A One-Act Play”

I wrote a weirdo one-act play with nine characters and remarkably, Hobart magazine published it.

Thanks so much to guest editor Bud Smith.

It’s been a slow year for me publishing-wise, but I’m proud of what I did get out there. I’ve received no less than six Pushcart nominations for my work this year and yeah, Pushcart gets over 10,000 nominations yearly, so I’m not holding my breath. Still it’s nice for the small recognition and I’m grateful to the small publishers and especially publishers of flash fiction, who nominate against all odds.

Happy holidays and here’s to a much brighter New Year. Love and peace. Stay strong, my friends.

10 thoughts on ““Stop Dragging: A One-Act Play” up at Hobart

  1. Your play is amazing! I’d love to know where this came from. It made me think of Waiting for Godot – that tree and people lurking about and the whole tone of it – assume this was a deliberate reference…?

    • Thank you, Ali! This past summer I had all this emotional “stuff” that was coming up and I had no idea how to write about it. I can’t even really tell you how I ended up writing a play with Counselor Deanna Troi, Stevie Nicks, Societal Expectations, etc. for characters. It just sort of happened. I really appreciate the kind words. I wasn’t deliberately referencing Waiting for Godot, no. Maybe I’ll write more plays now. : )

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