Give yourself the gift of a post-holiday New Year Word Tango Weekend Flash Workshop!

Hey, here’s a chance to kick the Winter blues and get your 2016 writing off to a great start! Registration is NOW OPEN for my January 15th-17th Weekend Flash Workshop. It’s first-come, first-served, and last time the spots were all taken in less than two days! Here are some testimonials:

The Kathy Fish flash class on WordTango was a productive weekend filled with writing and writerly camaraderie. Kathy generously shared her immense flash wisdom with us, and provided concrete prompts and process suggestions to write resonant flash. I came away with a flash piece I’m happy with, plus I’ve used the prompts since class to generate more work. I highly recommend this class!
​–Lisa Ferranti

I like the challenge of flash. Its brevity means we have to capture a sliver of life so exact and targeted that reader will be impacted by every word. Trying to get at the heart of what I want to say helps me focus when I turn to other pieces that are longer. WordTango’s Weekend Flash with Kathy Fish moved my writing to a new level, something that doesn’t always happen with online classes.
–Kimberly Zook

I can’t say enough good things about the Weekend Flash class! Kathy is a joy to work with, encouraging and humble. Her lectures and prompts help you dig down to the emotional core of the story. What you find as you follow her exercises will probably surprise you; the story I wrote during this class was like nothing I’ve written before. Elizabeth and Jennifer of WordTango are wonderful facilitators. Not only do they manage discussions and create writing groups, they add so much to the learning experience with their kindness and enthusiasm. Whether you’re new to flash or a veteran writer, you have to check out WordTango’s Weekend Flash.
​–Meghan Phillips

Register now HERE at Word Tango!

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