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Kathy Fish has joined the faculty of the Mile-High MFA at Regis University in Denver. She will be teaching flash fiction. Additionally, she teaches two-week intensive Fast Flash© Workshops. She also serves as Consulting Editor for the Queen’s Ferry Press series, THE BEST SMALL FICTIONS. Her fourth collection of short fiction, “Rift,” co-authored with Robert Vaughan, is set to release in December, 2015 from Unknown Press

Her stories have been published or are forthcoming in The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers (Black Lawrence Press, 2014, Richard Thomas (ed.), Slice, Guernica, Indiana Review, Mississippi Review online, Denver Quarterly, New South, Quick Fiction, and various other journals and anthologies. She was the guest editor of Dzanc Books’ “Best of the Web 2010.” She is the author of three collections of short fiction: a chapbook of flash fiction in the chapbook collective, “A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women” (Rose Metal Press, 2008), “Wild Life” (Matter Press, 2011) and “Together We Can Bury It” available now from The Lit Pub. She has been a fiction editor for Smokelong Quarterly and judged a number of flash fiction contests. She has taught flash fiction to high school students at American University’s Discover the World of Communication summer program.

Praise for Together We Can Bury It

“I’ll keep this short: After reading Together We Can Bury It, I’m convinced there are few living authors who are better at flash fiction than Kathy Fish. She packs an incredible array of life, in all its rich complexities, into each one of the 40 stories in this 2012 collection. Unlike many short-shorts, Fish’s fiction doesn’t lean too heavily on allegory or turn characters into symbols and it rarely (if ever) leaves the reader scratching her head in “WTF?!” befuddlement. These are beautiful slices of life–little gems that, at every turn, left me feeling like I was filled with sunlight.” — David Abrams, author of Fobbit

“We readers are blessed to have these perfectly made stories by Kathy Fish, each one a distillation of novel-sized themes and predicaments to a heady, imperative, short short encounter, each story exact, humane, each story providing a language of music. And each the product of a writer who knows all the storms and terrors, the pathetic and somehow holy conditions of our existence. Masterworks!”

—James Robison, author of The Illustrator

“One of the gifts of narrative is in creating worlds for readers to enter and spend time in. Good books of short fiction and flash offer readers many points of discovery and connection… These stories possess a clear and believable voice that is at home in the company of Lydia Davis, Russell Edson, Kim Chinquee. Fish breathes life to the page, so much so, the characters and actions stay with the reader long after the book is closed.

The stories…have a rhythm that is constantly moving toward release, a physical act or motion that breaks out of almost every piece – bicycles, cameras, candles, a thrown vase, a dead kitten tossed into weeds, a simple nod, the view in a mirror. This method of closing the works in an active way enlarges not only the individual stories but establishes connections of theme, character, and image. These are real people, living in and, most importantly, moving through a recognizable world. Fish’s use of imagery in the collection is commanding and effective. Her writing is direct, constructing scenes in a very filmic way.”

–Sam Rasnake, author of Inside a Broken Clock

“A space man untethered in the universe thinking of home. A young couple biking in the rain to a parade that must be cancelled. A woman losing her speech and balance but still leaving, she thinks, for New York. With remarkable precision, Kathy Fish champions the dreamers, believers, and lovers. If you are not one of those, you can trust Kathy Fish to show you the way back to your heart.”

—Jennifer Pieroni, editor of Quick Fiction

“Kathy Fish’s Together We Can Bury It is a wonder—stories filled with sadness, humor, and longing—a slanted banged-up beauty of a world that feels like this one, only more.”

—Jeff Landon, author of Truck Dance and Emily Avenue

“Full of grace and wit, Kathy Fish’s Together We Can Bury It takes one to the familiar, yet bizarre: worlds of wonder, ache, and hope. Worlds not to forget. A refreshing voice, busting of compassion, guts, and wisdom. This collection shines with amazing delight.”

—Kim Chinquee, author of Oh Baby

“There’s a movie’s worth of character and plot and insight in every blooming one of these short
fictions. I finished this book feeling stuffed, dazed, and amazed by how much Kathy Fish gets done in such tight spaces. It’s a thrill to be privy to what she thinks about, the wonder she carries inside.”

—Pia Z. Ehrhardt, author of Famous Fathers


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Praise for WILD LIFE:

“Keep this book on your bedside table. Dog-ear it until all the pages are folded. Read it in the bath, teach it, store it in your bag, recite it on street corners. When people stop to ask you what you are doing, tell them that you are reading aloud from a collection by the best flash fiction writer in America.” ~ Amelia Gray, Author of Gutshot

“People often say the purpose of flash fiction is to shine a spotlight, to illuminate, to light up our lives, a flash of insight. This to me has always seemed a dull reason to do anything, much less write or read flash fiction. And I think Kathy Fish proves the point, here in this book. Who cares what she may teach us, in flashes of blinding light or otherwise, in these stories so carefully built, so wonderfully turned of phrase. What Kathy does is expose us not to insight but to mystery. She puts us in the middle of these worlds she’s made and says, Look what I’ve seen. And then when we do, when we come to these stories’ ends, we shudder with confusion and love.” ~ Joseph Young, Author of Easter Rabbit and Name

“Who else but a writer disguised as a poet (or maybe a poet disguised as a writer) could call a sick son who thrashes on the couch, “post-apocalypse,” to invent a new juxtaposition of words that makes you pause to consider what is happening in front of you, nodding your head, wishing you had written that phrase.” ~ Richard Thomas, Author of Transubstantiation (from his review at Outsider Writers Collective)

“Wild Life is an extremely adept show of how flash fiction works, how it can stretch a vignette length piece into what feels astounding tall, large, filled with pumping blood and organs, a full-fledged human tangle fit into a curt space. Fish is a master at short short fiction, and Wild Life confirms her place among its veterans.” ~ J. A. Tyler, Author of Girl With Oars & Man Dying (from his review & interview at Monkeybicycle)

“[Fish’s] ability to drop you into a fully-formed world, with characters who are struggling, characters who are losing their struggles, characters you want to cheer for, encourage, linger with after the story is over. Absolutely mind-boggling. This book is full of stories that will just kill you.” ~ Kevin Fanning, Author of Jennifer Love Hewitt Times Inifinity

“Fish’s wry humor, keen vision, and deft language will leaving you laughing one minute and crying the next. She is not manipulative with her words. She does not scream her stories. She does not thrust them down your throat. She offers them to you quietly. She offers them to you as a whispered prayer. In fact, what she does is trust you with her unique and precious gift.” ~ Myfanwy Collins, Author of Echolocation

19 thoughts on “Author of Together We Can Bury It & Wild Life

  1. Hi, Kathy,
    This blog is so much fun! Thanks for creating it.
    I’m writing because I’d like to invite you to contribute a piece of lit to WordPlaySound ( I was originally drawn to your work through Rose Metal Press, since that outfit is based in Chicago, and I’m a big fan of the books it produces. Anyway, if you’re interested in sharing a cut from your 2008 publication with Rose Metal or anything else (published or unpublished), WPS would love to feature it.
    Please take your time in considering this, and feel free to email me any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Be well,

  2. Hi Kathy. I see that your collection, Together We Can Bury It is sold out. I can’t even find a used copy on Amazon. Do you have any suggestions for where I can find a copy? Thanks.

    • Argh, I think I missed your deadline, Barry. I appreciate your interest in my work and also, appreciate all that you’ve done with Camroc and flash fiction over the years. Kudos and best wishes for any and all of your future projects!

      • Yes, I would very much have liked to pubbed some of your fine work, Kathy. Thank you for the kind words, though. Who knows, there may be chapbooks in Camroc Press’s future.

        Have a great Thanksgiving.


  3. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you are finding lots to entertain you and maybe making some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while check it out again. Please feel free to add comments. There’s lots for me to mull over on your blog. Regards Thom.

  4. Hi Kathy
    Please sign me up for your fast flash intensive inDecember or whenever there is an opening. We read together in Santa Fe when Meg Tuite put together Twisted readings last winter. Ihope we can work together.
    My best,Barbara Robidoux.

    • Hi Barbara! Good to “see” you. The November wait list is not filled yet. I’ll put your name down and get in touch with you as we get closer to November. It will be wonderful to work with you!

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